Aexacta Temporary Flooring

The system comprises rectified porcelain tiles, with the addition of a cork underlayment (a natural material that serves as sound insulation and corrects any slight irregularities in the base) and a PVC edging (with anti-impact function). The Aexacta panels can be installed directly onto a pre-existing surface – if perfectly flat – by simply laying the slabs and matching them up.

There is an increasing need to restyle and create floorings that cover a pre-existing surface, without removing it or damaging it in any way. This is the case when restructuring historic buildings for example, or in rented spaces such as showrooms, temporary shops, stores, trade fairs, events and shows. In these contexts, Aexacta responds to a wide range of technical and economic needs with one innovative solution, to be installed without glue or sealant, dust or dirt and with no need for acid cleaning after laying, for a flooring that can be immediately walked upon.

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