Re-Play Concrete

Re-Play Concrete is inspired by industrial architecture. It interprets the strong, contemporary personality of concrete to create a complete, versatile look with structured colors and volumes. The color range has six extremely versatile, elegant solutions: exciting, luminous shades that can be easily combined, ideal for expanding space and giving interiors a sophisticated, distinctive mood. Each color comes in three different designs to mix and match as desired.

Recupero, a distressed-style finish reminiscent of used concrete; Cassaforma Flat, which reproduces the impressions left by wooden planks on concrete; and Cassaforma 3D, the wall version, which adds texture to the formwork effect, with patterns corresponding to a surface that creates a 3D effect.

Concrete interprets a contemporary style, resulting in surfaces with typical irregularities due to their use. Unlimited compositions and combinations with contrasting surfaces, that create coordinated floor and wall coverings.

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