Q. What are the advantages of ceramic floor and wall tiles?
A. Ceramic products are natural, beautiful, versatile, lasting, resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

Q. What is the maintenance of tile?
A. Only a minimum of effort is required to keep surfaces in good condition, due to the fact that glazed wall tiles and flooring are resistant to dirt and not micro porous. If laid correctly and washed regularly with plain water and specific detergents, quality ceramic flooring will maintain over time the appearance and the specifications of the product when new.

Q. Are ceramic tile products more or less expensive than other flooring products?
A. Ceramic tile prices are competitive, especially if you take into account more than just the initial expenditure: adding up the cost of materials, installation, maintenance and possible repairs or replacements, ceramic tiles are the most economic material for floor and wall covering.

Q. What is the life span of tile?
A. The durability of ceramic tiles is superior to that of almost all the other surface finishes on the market. By choosing the most suitable product for your application, proper installation and cleaning regularly, their long life is ensured.

Q. What is tile made from?
A. Ceramic is primarily made up of clays, quartziferous sands, glass substances and other minerals. Only natural raw materials are used, mixed with water and fired at high temperatures to create a naturally beautiful product and to achieve hardness and durability.

Q. What is Porcelain Tile?
A. Made from special clay minerals, porcelain tile is a highly-resistant ceramic product with a solid structure and a hard surface classified as impervious, and is less affected by wear and tear over time. Porcelain tile requires lower maintenance than natural stone, granite and marble.

Q. Is tile environmentally friendly?
A. Ceramic tiles are made from natural raw materials using the most up-to-date technology for safe-guarding the environment. Most factories have equipment to recycle the water as well as the raw materials.

Q. How do I calculate how much tile I need to order?
A. Once the surfaces in question have been measured, we recommend that you increase the amount required by 10 to 15 percent to allow for waste from laying and future repairs.

Q. I installed a tile in my home and now have to perform a repair, is my tile still available?
A. We can try to provide you with information regarding the availability of your tile. To make it easier to find them, we suggest that you keep the package label when you purchase your tiles.

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