A new life for reclaimed oak wood. A material that offers its own history for the most refined interior design projects.

REVIVAL is the reinvention of oak. A collection that honors the essence of the natural material and expresses the beauty of authenticity and uniqueness. A project that offers reclaimed wood a new beginning and a contemporary form.

The oak wood’s new life begins with respect for the material’s intrinsic qualities. Wood encapsulates the story of its origins, the place where it grew, the soil from which it drew its energy and the cycle of its transformations.

This is the essence of the material that REVIVAL enhances and renders, preserving its original beauty. Wood bears the imprint of its own life: each piece is different and cannot be replicated. Age accentuates its mysterious charm, depth and color, characteristics that are unrivaled in terms of architectural quality.

REVIVAL is distinguished by the product’s naturalness and realistic appearance: the treatment of the material respects the intrinsic value of wood and celebrates its potential. The surface is uneven, with a rough texture and irregular grain, giving it a sophisticated, elegant appearance. The unique and prominent grain and the range of naturally beautiful colors reflect the choice of a perfectly imperfect wood.

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