Stn Ceramica

STN Cerámica is a strong group of companies that manufacture and market the latest ceramic products.

The STN Cerámica group started its industrial activity 30 years ago under the name Cerámica Nulense.

STN Cerámica has renewed its production processes in recent years, reaching a high point with the introduction of the digital printing technology Styljet. STN Cerámica is currently one of the most modern factories in the world and has one of the highest production capacities in Spain.

STN Cerámica is present in 120 countries and it obtained the ISO standard certificate 9001 as a result of its commitment to quality.

Their catalog features wide range of ceramic floor and wall tiles, manufactured with porcelain or red stoneware, glazed, with high shine finishes and heavy-duty tiles that stand out from other products. They also offer a variety of sizes, some being slightly elongated and even large sizes.

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